Protect your dog with TOTOTAG, a simple ID tag that could save your dogs life! Click to see a sample dog profile.

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Awesome Features

Everything you need to manage and share pet data! Keep your dog connected and safe with TOTOTAG.

Emergency Access

Tags can be scanned by any mobile device. No need to find a chip reader. 

Doggy Care Network

Connect with friends and family to create a network for your dog. Your connections will know what your dog needs if something goes wrong. 

Medical Records and More!

Keep medical records, appointments, feed, training, habits, images, videos, and much more, all in one place!

Expert Testimonial

Steve Hebrock - The Ohio State University

Steve Hebrock - The Ohio State University

In an emergency situation when minutes may count, users have immediate access to medical information, which could mean the difference between life and death



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